The Tara Reade story has turned the corner into a blind alley from which there is no return. Game over.

As I predicted, Megyn Kelly did not challenge #TaraReade for acknowledging that she did not regard the event in the hallway as a sexual assault at the time. 1/22

Reade admitted this quite clearly in the Katie Halper interview on March 25, and tried to explain it away by saying that she wondered at the time if she had said or done anything that brought it on herself. 2/22

But brought on what? An unwanted sexual encounter or a sexual assault?

Unwanted digital penetration is *by definition* sexual assault, and Reade was 29 years old at the time! 3/22

Megyn Kelly gives a pretty clear account of Reade’s description of the circumstances of the alleged assault, and expresses incredulity that Biden (or any Senator in his right mind) would engage in a sexual assault in those circumstances.

Indeed. 4/22

The allegation of a sexual *assault* was always implausible if not utterly absurd on its face, but now it has become even more incredible because of an answer Reade gives to a remark Kelly makes at 11:30 mins into the interview. 5/22

Kelly says, in response to Reade’s remarks about how quickly and suddenly it all happened, that it sounds like the incident took place “in an instant.” Reade pauses and says: Yes, I would say under 30 minutes.

Uh. Under 30 minutes? 6/22

That is a long and in fact quite unbelievable amount of time given Reade’s narrative, even if one includes the time it took to meet up with Biden (and it’s not even clear that Reade meant to include this). 7/22

I’ve been in the corridors of Congress, and it’s not like it’s ever a trip across town. 8/22

So Reade has given further reason to believe what I have long suspected, that it was a sexual encounter — or at least that she regarded whatever happened as a sexual encounter — and not an assault. 9/22

It is also significant that Reade repeated in the interview what she has said several times before: that it wasn’t so much the alleged “assault” as it was Biden’s alleged remark “You mean nothing to me” that really devastated her. 10/22

In other words: Sticking his fingers up my vagina wasn’t so bad: it was his wagging his fingers at me later and saying “You mean nothing to me” that really got to me. 11/22

Two things about this. 12/22

First, it suggests that the only thing about the incident that struck her at the time as *assaultive* is that he dissed her personally; in other words, if anything, it was his alleged remark “You mean nothing to me” and that alone that constituted assaultive behavior. 13/22

There are also problems with her account of this alleged remark. 14/22

In order to believe her account, we would have to believe that Biden, after having inserted his finger into Reade’s vagina, was stupid enough to tell her that she meant nothing to him.

As her brother has remarked, men do stupid things, but THAT stupid? 15/22

In her interview with Katie Halper, Reade said she did not remember everything he said at the time, but she does remember him saying repeatedly “Nothing.” 16/22

As I pointed out in my first thread on this matter, her account of his remark, which actually appears to be her interpretation or even a matter of reporting words that she does not clearly recall, is more naturally interpreted in the following way: 17/22

It is certain that the “incident in the hallway” did not happen, at least as Tara Reade describes it. Whatever it was (if anything), it was certainly not a sexual assault.

I said last night that Reade probably cancelled with Chris Wallace because she wanted to see if other women would come forward, or if Biden would make the mistake of defaming (insulting) her (a mistake that Trump has made about E. Jean Carroll and Summer Zervos). 18/22

Neither has happened, and that’s important, because those are the only two things that could change the trajectory of this story.

I think it can now definitely be said that Reade’s sexual assault allegation has turned a corner into a blind alley, from which there is no return. 19/22

Her allegation of harassment amounts to a big nothing, and the sexual assault allegation was never plausible. (Even Kelly seems incredulous.) 20/22

Whatever happened at the time the gym bag got transferred in one of the halls of Congress, no event could have happened *as she has described it.* That has become even more certain from the interview released today. 21/22

Kelly says at 11:30 mins: It sounds like this happened in an INSTANT.

Reade pauses, reflects a moment and says: “Less than 30 minutes.”

Game over. 22/22



The Resistance. Vote Blue: True Blue American. We look forward, they look back. We’re progressive, they’re regressive. @twoodiac

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Thomas Wood

The Resistance. Vote Blue: True Blue American. We look forward, they look back. We’re progressive, they’re regressive. @twoodiac