The Russian government’s current involvement in exploiting and inciting racial tensions and racial violence in the U.S. is a ticking political time bomb waiting to explode.

One reason for thinking that the violence and rioting involved in the protests against George Floyd’s murder is being fomented by right wing, pro-gun, white nationalist groups is the evidence that *Russia* is using groups to exacerbate racial tensions in the country. 1/12

(Russia has a well-documented history of influencing and exploiting right wing and pro-gun extremist groups — but no similar history of its trying to exploit and influence leftist groups like Antifa.) 2/12

Trump is playing with fire by pushing both a Nixonian — and quite blatantly one-dimensional and racist law and order response to the civil unrest — AND continuing his bromance with Vladimir Putin (as in Trump’s recent proposal to unilaterally include Russia in the G7). 3/12

Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien had to cover up and lie about all this today.

Brien specifically mentioned China, Iran — and Zimbabwei!, but said nothing about the Russian government’s intervention. 4/12

“Asked whether Russia … is also involved now, O’Brien said there may be Russian activists playing a role. But he said that’s different from China, where “it’s coming straight from the government.” 5/12

Foreign foes taking advantage of divide over race, national security adviser saysChina is among the nations mentioned by Robert O’Brien.

O’Brien’s statement is transparent nonsense. First of all, it is contradicted by everything we know about the Russian government — specifically, that nothing like this is done without the approval of Putin); by Russia’s conduct in the 2016 election; 6/12

and most importantly of all, by the testimony of *other* national security officials who are telling us the *truth*. 7/12

Russia Trying to Stoke U.S. Racial Tensions Before Election, Officials SayRussian intelligence services are trying to incite violence by white supremacist groups to sow chaos in the United States, American intelligence officials said.

Note that the Times’ sources specifically mention the Russian *government*, not Russian “activists”: 8/12

Note that the NYT had *seven* administration sources who were briefed on the intelligence. David Porter, a top agent on the F.B.I.’s Foreign Influence Task Force, said the same *publicly* at a recent public conference. 9/12

Trump’s strategy of trying to write the history, simplify, and distort the meaning of the *violence* involved in the civil uprising over the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd would be problematic enough without the Russian element. 10/12

But put Russia and its infiltration and exploitation of right wing, racist, and white nationalist groups into the mix, and it all becomes truly explosive for Trump politically. 11/12

That is why O’Brien had to lie today. But they won’t be able to keep it up indefinitely — or until November 3. Before then, the truth will out, and it will be explosive politically 12/12.

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