The rabid Republican dog catches the abortion car. Be afraid, Republicans. Be very afraid.

Thomas Wood
2 min readJun 26, 2022



Lots of different opinions here about what the future holds on the abortion issue.

I’m convinced, like Charlie Sykes, that it will intensify the political divide b/w Rs and Ds.

And you?

(I also agree with Robin Marty’s forecast.)

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Most voters will see this as a political effort by Rs to impose their personal (and essentially religious) views on a very personal matter on the pregnant woman. As the reality sinks in, it is going to generate resentment and outrage — as it should. And it’s not going to go away.

The religious right and the GOP (largely the same thing now) view a fetus — even a newly fertilized egg or zygote — as a person with the same right to life as someone who is born. So for them abortion is murder.

But most voters don’t see it that way at all.

Here’s how most voters do see it: Making abortion illegal transgresses a woman’s right to privacy and her right to make an intensely personal decision that is nobody’s business but her own.

This stark difference between two different ways of looking at the matter is why most voters — and certainly most women — are not going to give the GOP a pass on this issue. And they are not going to assign lesser importance to this issue than other issues like taxes or inflation.

They can’t, because the issue involves irreconcilable views about the appropriateness of government interference in the lives of citizens, and Americans think these issues are important.

Republicans want government interference in an area where Americans overwhelmingly don’t want it.

And it’s an intensely personal, emotional, and explosive issue.

Republicans should prepare for the worst.

This issue is not going to go away.



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