Bolton is the ticking time bomb now on the Russia-Taliban contract killing story

The latest on the bounty intel story (9 hours ago), by AP.

The AP didn’t get this wrong. The reporting about Bolton will hold up. The only question now is WHEN Bolton will comment, under what circumstances, and to whom. 1/9

AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019Top officials in the White House were aware in early 2019 of classified intelligence indicating Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, a full year…

“Bolton declined to comment Monday when asked by the AP if he had briefed Trump about the matter in 2019.”

And there’s this, this morning: 2/9

Bolton is likely waiting for the subpoena from either the Senate or House that never came during Trump’s impeachment. 3/9

We know now that the claim that Trump did not know about the bounty intel because he was not *orally* briefed about it, is a LIE. We know that b/c we know (probably b/c of a leak from Bolton himself) that BOLTON, Trump’s NSA at the time (2019), BRIEFED TRUMP. 4/9

The implications are stunning — not so much that Trump is now known to have lied (which is not surprising, b/c Trump lies about everything), but because this breaking story makes it almost certain that others in the WH have lied as well. 5/9

That is because OTHER people in the WH, including some who are still there, must have been present or at least known that Bolton told — that is, ORALLY BRIEFED — Trump about the bounty intel coming out of Afghanistan. 6/9

It is only a matter of time before Bolton tells the world exactly how and when Trump was briefed, from which it will fall out inevitably who ELSE knew that Trump had been briefed. 7/9

Pelosi is going to subpoena the hell out of the WH, the DOD, the CIA, and the ODNI, and put everyone under oath. (It is clear that most House Rs want to get to the bottom of this as well.) Then we will find out who ELSE has lied about this besides Trump. 8/9

This Administration is hanging by a thread. The next few weeks, maybe even days, are going to be history-making. Hang on to your hats, peeps. 9/9




The Resistance. Vote Blue: True Blue American. We look forward, they look back. We’re progressive, they’re regressive. @twoodiac

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Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood

The Resistance. Vote Blue: True Blue American. We look forward, they look back. We’re progressive, they’re regressive. @twoodiac

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